The story behind Mbbmath

We have gone the same way you are now following — prepared ourselves to pass the selections process of best management consulting firms with McKinsey, BCG and Bain being the main focus.

As we did it, we noticed, that there was not a single solution to cover the mental math preparation. And we had to scrutinise this subject matter and collect the information by pieces. What are the mental math expectations? What are the methods to calculate as fast? How to meet those expectations?

The solution to the first question came from the brilliant site of Victor Cheng and his simple math machines. We then collected and tested the right methods of calculation from an array of sources.

But there still was a huge void between knowing what to expect and being able to perform at that level. As Victor’s machines timer started ticking, it immediately blew away any memories of the methods we were trying to learn, and we stepped back to our poor calculation habits. Those math machines were great for practicing skills one has already built, but they hardly provided a learning environment. Which is essentially needed to build skills.

So we took our time and set us up to create a product, that would help our peers crack the mental math preparation part as easy and efficient as possible. Our end goal was to provide you with solid skills, that would not let you got throughout the numerous written tests, case interview rounds and then later on job.

Think of learning to ride a bicycle. You might have started it with help of two additional mini-wheels attached to the rear barrel. At first the two mini-wheels were touching the ground all the time, but as you progressed, your parents might have raised them, reducing the contact time. Until one day you learned how to ride and did not need them at all. And once you were there, this skill was with you forever.

We wanted to emulate same process, when designing mbbmath. We arranged the theory and designed the training machines so, that the difficulty was gradually rising. So that you start with mastering the basics and then develop the more sophisticated techniques. Same goes for the training machines set up: you start with non-timed training sessions with instructions for every calculation step, then gradually turn the instructions off and turn the timing on. This way you ensure your comfortable learning speed and are being able to learn thanks to the safe environment.

So try mbbmath, we guarantee you will be delighted. If not, we will return your money 100%.

Your only all-in one solution to tackle mental math preparation part for consulting case interviews and written tests

  • right theory of quick calculation
  • training machines for internalising the theory
  • feedback and progress tracking
MBBmath 2015 (beta), Philipp Smirnov